I have finally found the time to right my November update so here I go.

The main thing I was working on in November was my mental endurance following on from October and I’m happy to report by the end of the month I was able to play 2h 20 mins comfortably. I also started using a HUD. The main resin I did this was so that I could track my game but also the majority of the advice in ‘Building a Bankroll’ is baste around having HUD stats on your opponents. If you have read my October update then you will know that this is the book I am currently studying. I finished reading the book and have now started working on each concept one by one.

I thought as part of this review it would be a good idea to show you my results/stats for the month, giving you the opportunity to comment on them and point out anything you feel I should be working on.

Here are what I feel are the main stats, but please if you feel at this stage of my learning process I should be looking at more leave a comment:

Hands: 3285 All hands played at 2NL full ring
VPIP: 13.1
PFR: 9.0
3Bet: 2.2
Fold 3Bet: 69.9
Cbet: 69.2
Steals: 32.5
AF: 2.75
100/BB: 11.58

I’m only just getting to grips with using stats but looking over Novembers I’m very encouraged by my win rate. The only one I would properly need to have a look at here is my 3Bet, but please leave you comments and let me know what you think.

I got to the casino three times in November and played in the weekly Freeroll.
36 out of 65
25 out of 57
23 out of 63
As you can see I’m yet to make the finale table and cash. I said in my last post that I’m finding it difficult to play in these tourneys and thought I would extend on that a bit. Trying to count or keep track of how much in to pot so I can work out the right size bet is a challenge, and even if I get it right not many of the players would look at the sizing. They just call with anything. It’s very rear that a player will PFR every one limps and when I rise 60-80% will call. Players don’t care about busting for the first hour and a half because they know they can just re-buy for £5.00, so I find myself playing tight and once the re-buys stop I try and loosen up but most of the time I find by then my stack is 10-15BB or lower so end up having to shove on any vaguely decant hand, and then some of the hands people call with shocks me but they still manage to out draw me.

Rant over and breathe. Having said all that when I don’t think about the game play I have meat some grate people and it is a good night out for me. I have started to look at it in more of ‘get commutable at a live table live’ kind of way (but it would be nice to cash though).

There I’m now up to date. Next post will be my December review.

So until then good luck and hope to see you at the tables.