This is just a quick one to bring you up to November. I started October with the intension of completing the bank roll builder and getting a good place in the open league at the same time. This did not start well when I attempted to play a cash table at the same time as a league game. I very quickly realised I was not ready to play 2 tables at the same time, so I decided as I had not got 20 VIP points to qualify for the higher prize pool I was going to concentrate on the bank roll builder and my cash game.

To begin with I was doing well but after the 3rd $2 credited my account I started to struggle and I lost it all before I could earn the finale 10 VIPs to qualify for the last deposit and would have given me the 20 VIP for the league in November.  The guys that look after the promotion where kind and just paid the last credit in to my account on the 25th. Now this only gave me a bankroll of $2 and I really wanted to hit 20 VIPs so I decided to transfer the $10.96 from my Full Tilt account to use.

I tend to find myself on the road a lot due to work and wanted to find something to do with poker to listen to and I found The Mental Game off Poker podcast. I have to say if you haven’t listened to this podcast this is a must for all poker players in my opinion. I started listening to some of the back issue’s and picked up a lot of god tips but there are 2 I wanted to talk about in this post. The first was something Jared said about mental endurance and comparing it to working out in the gym (this is something I have some experience with). This really made me think and when I looked over my past hands and sessions I noticed that I tend to make errors in my game towards the end of my sessions. So I devised a work out plan for my brain, starting with just playing for 30 minutes and increasing 10 minutes at a time only if I felt I my mind didn’t wonder and I felt I hadn’t made any bad plays. I felt this worked really well and I increased my playing time to 1 hour and 10 minutes (Please note im only playing on one table) and my bank roll to $14.44, however I didn’t make it to 20 VIP’s so no league for me in November.

The second thing form the pod cast that helped me wasn’t so much to do with the mental side of things but an interview with Pawel ‘Verneer’ Nazarewicz. He was talking about the challenge he set himself in 2011 and his book ‘Building a Bankroll’. As I heard them talking about the book it sounded like exactly what I need to move on in my game so I ordered the book and started to read it. The book goes through so much good stuff and I strongly recommend it to all you cash players. My plan was to read the book all the way through and then go back to the beginning and working on etch element one by one and only moving one when I felt comfortable with it and was implementing it in my game without thinking about it, or as Jared would say ‘unconscious competence’.

So now on to the live free rolls at my local casino. I only made it twice in October and managed to get the finale 2 tables on both occasions but didn’t manage cash. I’m finding these tournaments very difficult to play so if someone could direct me to a good post or some vids on live tournaments I would really appreciate it.

That is it for October. I plane to post about November in the coming days.

As all ways hope to see you at the tables.


PS when reading any of my post you have the desire to leave a comment, please do any feedback on my post or game is always welcomed.