Hi there again

First off wow I didn’t expect my first post would earn me a ticket for the big bang!!! Too bad I was not available to play I’m shore it would have been fun.

Any way in my last post I talked about my poker journey before joining PokerStars. In this post I intended to get you up to the beginning of November but it started to get a bit too long, so cut it done to just September. I will put up a post for October in the next couple of days.

The first thing I did after creating my account was to register on PSO and have a look around and I found the leagues. I love the idea of being part of a league and not only that its free money!!! As I had decided that I would not deposit mainly as I don’t have much spare cash at the moment to fund my poker dreams and I like the thought of building a bank roll from nothing. So I started playing the open league games. to begin with I couldn’t get my head round the way people where playing in these games but after reading some of the post on the forums I got in to the thinking that it’s not about winning the thorny its self but getting as many points you can i.e. lasting as long as possible. At the end of the month I banked myself $0.50 with a 1450 finish out of 134938. Now considering that I only started playing in the league half way through the month I found this very encouraging.

Not long after starting to play in the league I found the ‘Bankroll Builder Promotion’ and again thought this is perfect for me some more free money. So I headed over the forum to sign up. This is something I would recommend to any new player to go through. In September I completed the first 2 steps.

In my last post I said about the weekly free role at my newly opened local casino. All though it’s a free role there are unlimited rebuys for £5 (3K) and double rebuys (£10 for 6K) if you bust out, for the first hour and a half (first break) and then an add on (£5 for 6K). With the finale 9 paying out. There is max 50 players playing at a time meaning if some goes out and doesn’t rebuy there are replaced by someone on the waiting list. Well in September I managed to enter twice and finished 50/64 and 50/54. I had made the decision not to rebuy and only add on if I made it to the break. On both of these occasions I didn’t make it to the break but was very close but had a lot of fun all the same.

So that it what I got up to in September. As I said I hope to be posting my progress in October soon followed by November.

Hope to see you at the tables


PS I would just like to apologies for any spelling errors in this post, I’m dyslectic and all though I have spell check it in word there are all way some that slip through. I would also like to add if when reading any of my post you have the desire to leave a comment, please do any feedback on my post or game is always welcomed.