Hi there

I got an email from PSO saying ‘why don’t you start you own blog’ and I thought I would give it a go.  I have been sitting here for around 15 minutes looking at the white screen off Microsoft Word trying to work out where to start. Then I hit me ‘The Beginning’. What I mean by that is how I got in to poker and what I have done up until I registered on PSO about 6 weeks ago.

But first my name! Michael. Yes I know my screen name is Michae, I don’t think the L key was working the day I signed up. The lovely people at Poker Stars Support did give me the opportunity to change it by deleting my profile and letting me open a new one, but as I was half way through the bank roll builder pomo I decided that I would live with the typo.  I have all ways had a fascination with strategic games like poker but it wasn’t till about 12 years ago when me and my dad sat down and tried to tech ourselves the game with little success. I left it there for some time till I fell to the pull of Facebook in 2010 where I signed up and found a poker app and started to play. I got to grips with the basics over a month or so and thought I was doing ok and thought what the hell let’s try this for real.  At the time there where a lot of adverts on TV here in the UK for Full Tilt. I can’t remember exactly when but I opened an account and deposited $20.00 and found out that I really sucked!

I started going through the lesions on the site in the attempt to improve but then life got in the way and I didn’t find the time to play and the added factor of not know anywhere where I could play live I stopped playing. Mid 2011 I watched some poker on TV a though I would give it another go so I logged on to find that the site had been closed!!! Back then this wasn’t so much of a big deal to me and it wasn’t till early this year when I got an email to say the site was active again I dint give it much thought, but it was that email that got me going again. I played for about a month but again life got in the way up until September when The Casino MK opened 5 minutes away from my house.

I went along with some friends from work to have a look are around. My friends sat down for a £0.50-£1.00 cash game, as a watched my friend’s loss there by ins I had a chat with one of the staff and found out that every Monday night they have a free role. That was it for me I had to get back in to the game so I went home logged on the internet and did a quick Google search. I wanted to find a site that was not just easy to use but had excellent learning material and Poker Stars constantly was in the top 5. So on 11/09/2013 I opened my account and the rest is for another post.

Hope to see you at the tables


PS I would just like to apologise for any spelling errors in this post, I’m dyslectic and all though I have spell check it in word there are all way some that slip through. I would also like to add if when reading any of my post and you have the desire to leave a comment please do any feedback on my post or game is welcomed.