I have made a poker account at pokerstars in 2009 and only since this summer of 2011 have being playing for money. A very, very different game than I was used to. In the first week, I have won two tournaments: a SNG for 500 dollars and a 6th place on a MTT for 250 dollars. Wow, I thought, my playing style is good.
But the next weeks I have lost it all, and in my attempts to 'win back' have spent 1200 euros on the way.
So I decided to take it easy, stop playing and concentrate on learning. So far I am reading Hold'em Poker and Tournament Poker bij David Sklansky, Poker Wisdom of a Champion bij Doyle Brunson and following the courses at pokerschool online.
I love poker and I think I can get good at this. Today is a big day: in one hour it starts the World Record Tournament, so wish me clarity of mind, good intuition and luck.