Ok, so I was able to get a couple of PSO satellite tickets from the live training sessions that were running for the WCOOP Boot Camp.  I've gotta say that this is a great way to get into some cheap satellites that won't break the bank if you're someone like me who can't really afford to buy-in on some of the $20 sats and so on.  It's win win when you get some training and knowledge and also get into a satellite with potential.  Last Sunday (August 14th, 2011), I played in the $3.30 satellite and played well enough to get a ticket to the $33 satellite running just an hour later.  This sat was for a seat into the WCOOP event 52.  I unfortunately was not able to make the cut there, but felt great after progressing as far as I did and was definitely playing with some players who were out of my league, but I learned as much as I could.  I would say that as much as you want to survive and make the bubble for the ticket, you have to make some moves to have a large enough stack to survive this phase.  It's a little unnerving when you feel like you just need to survive, but you're putting your tournament life on the line here and there.  I felt the nervousness get to me here and there, but was able to stick it out and keep a level head to prevail.  

This Sunday, (August 21st, 2011) I again went into the smaller PSO satellite for $2.20 and was the chip leader when the tournament ended and the final nine were awarded an entry into the $22 sat that was running, again, an hour or so after the first sat ended.  Thanks again Poker School!  I felt great about my play and felt confident that I wasn't bleeding chips in the early phase of the tourney, but was betting aggressively enough when appropriate to build my stack and maintain my standing of at least 10 big blinds.  The blind levels in these satellites seem to change quickly and when the bubble burst (which is when the tourney ended), I was the chip leader and I only had around 8.5-9 big blinds.  So there are some risky maneuvers involved in making it to the bubble, but if you play it smart and don't get a totally awful board, you'll do alright.  So, back to what I was saying... I felt great about my play and was looking forward to the $22 satellite, but unfortunately, it just didn't work out.  Fairly shortly into the tourney, I decided to 3-bet pre-flop with my KK and was called by two others.  I had position and was fairly confident of my hand.  Awesome.... Or not.  When the rainbow flop of 10, 5, 2 came up, I felt great and wasn't too worried about a set beating out my over-pair simply because of the aggressive betting and calls pre-flop.  I figured that not even pocket 10s would've called such a big bet.  The player under-the-gun checked and a pot-sized bet would've been about 60% of my stack, so I shoved all-in.  I was called by both of the other players, so I'm assuming that the UTG player was planning a check-raise trap.  Too bad I bet so big... Perhaps I could've gotten out of the way if I wasn't already all-in.  We all had our hands revealed and my Kings were up against AA and QQ.... ARRRRGGHHH as Charlie Brown says.  Hoping for a set to beat the Aces, the turn and river came up 4,4 and gave me no help.  A great start to a day turned crappy real quick and my tourney was over.  Hard to fold KK with such a harmless looking flop, but in this case, it would've been the right move.  

It's too bad, but I leave the table feeling great that I lost to such a great hand and I really felt that I played well for the most part all day.  Thanks again PSO for the opportunity and I'll be gunning for another boot camp satellite win and mega-satellite victory this coming weekend!  

Good luck out there!