I am still learning the game and these tips really help. The video is here.

What i have learned is that preflop betting and post flop betting don't necessarily always depend on what you start with. The hand that seems like the favorite might in fact be the worse hand. This depends on wether you get a dry flop or wet flop.

With a wet flop you probably hit something but you have to think your opponent has probably hit something also. Now it your turn to think if you hit is better than there's. Don't get sucked into the I have a draw or 16 outs so i am going call every bet hole as that most likely will lose you more chips more often than folding.

Dry flops though can sometimes be really good for you if you hit on them because the likelyhood of your opponent hitting them is slim. The only thing I have really learned is that I really have a lot more to learn.

This game shows me new stuff every day and I try to take in as much as i can. So everyday I read more watch more video's and play as much as i can. I know i am getting better everyday as i play in more tournaments i get further in the field everytime ans hopefully I will reach the top of some great tourny's one day. I know I have to be patient as every hand is and is not a winner depending on your opponents but more on how you play it than anything else.

So all i can say is that i hope to get better at this and one day be playing in the finals of a really big tournament.