Okay, having made it to the final table with a mid range stack in front of me, I wanted to make it to the final two, in hopes of breaching the $1 prize, seeing as I made it this far.  So, I was playing a tight game, and holding my patience, only playing with High pocket pair and AK as my only real draw hand that I'd like to see the flop with.

Having played tight for a while and been involved in one large win on the table already against the previous stack leader, (managed to double my stack from him, with pocket aces) the table called round to my big blind.


You can see from the replay I posted above why it was a lucky flop, but what was made better about it is the hand before me, was AQs top flush.  Giving me maximum value for the gift that was given. A lot of the time the board would check round, anxiously waiting for someone to strike on the board, with the rest folding around it on such a risky board.  Also, baring in mind I would have likely folded this hand to a shove or 3bb raise pre-flop as I had a comfortable amount of chips already and wouldn't want to risk a large portion of my stack on a flush / straight draw.

That made the rest of the match fairly comfortable, up until heads up where I'm least experienced in.  I've only played heads up a small number of times, Perhaps as few as 3 or 4 times.  So, I haven't fathomed the best strategy to take someone on head on, and continued playing tight, which led to a lot of blinds stolen, and when I made a bluff (admittedly a terrible one) I lost a bulk of my chips and ended up throwing the towl on first place, which I wasn't too uncomfortable doing anyway, since I was more than happy with the position I was able to achieve on the match, plus I had a friendly rapport with my opponent and wasn't bitter about the loss.  

I'm finding myself getting very comfortable playing in MTTs, especially the PSO freeplay as I'm getting used to a lot of the different kinds of players on the that are found on the tables, ie. the nit players focusing on a playing tight to score the extra points and the crazy loose canons usually left in the dust early on in the event.  So I'm starting to see a clear way to an ITM position in each match I've been in by effectively blending the two playstyles together, being tight when appropriate and shooting a shove when I can steal a blind or extract value from it. 

Anyway, see you all in the tables.