First of all i would like to tell thtat my english language is not well. Anyway I try to share my new experince as i can.

Poker is new thing in my life,  very exciting me. I love to play poker game. I try  to learn as much as i can  . I knew Mr. Dale Philip@Daleroxxu via twitter after i read his blog he inspire me to play poker on real money. 

First, I tried form Hubble's HL Hold'em Freeroll, unfortuantely nearly closed to get the ticket. 

Second. i tryed again ang bingo i entry no. 5 and got the ticker to go to secound round. 

I practice again and again about 2 week after that  I saw some big event very exciting me "Sunday Milion Tournament. Wooooow! Surpirse me,  I  promise myself that one day i ganna win this event LOL.


Anyway how can attache the picture? confusing.