bad beat in weekly round 2 today . not once but 3 times in 5 hands (in a row)
twice of it i had three of  a kind 8 and beaten by flush

the first 1 bad beat > my hand 8 10 the flop shown 88k, raised for 5bb and the opponent re-raise (all in) with no pair. on the flop only 1 diamond but the turn and river make the opponent card

the 2nd  bad beat > after losing my hand in the previous hand, i got pair of 8 in hand. nearly to fold after someone raise big but i encourage myself to call it. and the flop shown 8 but i forgot the 2 other card. this time the flop has 2 diamond card. yes, the opponent all in again (both of his card are diamond) and the turn and river are diamond too.

3rd bad beat > mine QQ vs opponent KK. nothing interesting on the flop, turn, and river. (after this bad beat i had 1050 chips left in hand)