I once played a nice friendly game of 5 card stud for pennies with a table limit of 50 pennies. this soon escalated to us both putting in cheques for a months wages. I was dealt 4kings and 6 or 7 which i chucked and recieved a nice ace. He changed none and had 4 Queens. I didn't play poker after that as I didn't even know that I had the nuts on that hand. It scared the crap out of me when he wanted to bet his house. Luckilly I refused to accept the bet. But 25 years or so later having watched the late night poker on sky. i decided to have a bash at learning poker properly. So having leapt into the fray and lost about 8 times. (minimum deposit) I of course skipped the poker school tutorials. But here I am back again. a bit humbler. I tried the first quiz and got 7 out of 15. Perhaps I should study more before I start playing with real money.


P.S. I lose on play money as well. But that's because they are blase about losing play money. I am sure I could bluff more if it was real money.