My first post on my blog will be therapy for me. Tilt is here and i have to deal with it. It just seems impossible to win an all in on pokerstars tonight for me . No matter what cards i play everyone gets their straight and flush draws on the river. How frustrating it is to be patient wait for premium hands and when they do come they cannot seem to win. KK ace on flop, QQ ace on flop. Now i know there will be nights like these but these bankroll disaster nights are really frustrating. AK no ace on flop. i know i am rambling here but this is my tilt therapy. I am down to my last 55c and put it all in a 55 c tourney. I am sure my aces will get cracked when i do get them. This has me thinking is all this negative thinking really affecting these flops am i able to influence these miraculous river one outers. lol while writing this i receive AJ suited two guys raise all in i fold ace on flop i would have won, very next hand aq suited same sequence this time i call KJ4 rainbow i am forced to fold on turn to an all in bet Guy wins a monster pot with k8. Where is the justice in this world it is like the aj hand was a teaser to get the money in on with the aq. Tonight is the worst all pocket pairs get beaten by over cards in all in situations. OH and in the open skill tournament no luck whatsoever past few tourneys i have gone out on hands with pocket kk's or blinding out with not even a sniff of winning a pot.

Bigger stacks get all the love on pokerstars there i said it.