It doesn't hurt terribly because it's 7-2 s. The only reason I played it is because I sat out of a 5/10 NL Holdem table for a couple of hands and when I came back I didn't want to wait for the big blind. I posted it. I was in middle position. 6 players or so checked to see a flop.


Ok there is my explanation for playing trash in the first place.

Flop comes 7d 2d 8d. Check for the players in early position. Raise to 80 from player in middle position before me. 

I CALL. I feel so weak, but I was worried about the flush. Fold around back to the raiser. Just me and him.

Turn comes up a diamond. He checks to me. I CHECK. I feel so weak. I thought he might have been slow playing a nut flush or something.

River comes a non-diamond A. He checks. I check. He has As 6d.

I feel I could have played this better. I think a re-raise after his raise on the flop. Maybe 100 to see where he was at. It's a play table so he probably would have called anyways.

It's just not a situation I am used to.

Sorry for the poor hand reconstruction too