Since, I began living the Poker life- approximately six weeks  ago, my life has drastically improved. There are many reasons for the major changes, however, in this blog, I will only discuss a couple of the more important ones. Poker stars allows me to be myself and release the inner selfishness and greedyness, which every human being  posses! In reality it is of the obvious that in order to be successfull in each activity you participate in,  possessing more  charcteristic traits other then those that revolve around greddyness and selfishness is vital- the wider the  spectrum of personality tricks and characteristic traits you carry and posses the stronger and bigger achiever you become. None the less, It is always important to give yourself a chance to focus on yourself and yourself only! Doing this will allow you to feel the full gratitude and highs that you have  attainable!  

Anyway, Poker has enabled me to become more thrilled about everything I do!  . Each game I play, inhibits more chances of coming back out ontop allowing me to feel the sence of acheievment, Im always longing to feel-  Its life, every day is a new day and every new day there is that chance that you will become rich!