I haven't posted in some time. But now I have something to brag about :mrgreen: . I took 1st place twice in the PSO Skill League tournaments! Once on Jan. 6 and again on Jan. 14. I think everyone in the neighborhood heard me shouting for joy after my first win. It was the first time I finished first in any tournament since June 21, 2009 and the first time finishing first in a tournament with more than 1,000 players since January 5, 2009.
Finishing first gave me a shot of pure confidence. So much so, that I decided to try the PSO Warm Up Qualifier to try and win a ticket to the Sunday Million Satellite. I took down two $3.40 tickets in three trys! PokerStars automatically registered me for the Sunday Million Satellite after I won the first ticket and gave me 3.40 worth of tournament dollars for the second win. I could have unregistered and received another 3.40 in tournament dollars but decided to try the satellite; went out 119 of 237. Oh well, time to play more Warm Ups'!!.