A few short notes: Just finished playing the 2nd game. Went out 187th 1 hour and 50 minutes in when I raised KK pre-flop and my opponent shoved with AK. An Ace hit on the flop and that was that. I'm content with the way I loss. For the first time, I'm happy with the way I played every hand. When I lost a hand, I lost with the best hand. I didn't go in behind, so people actually had to draw out to beat me. I was cautious with bluffs. I think I bluffed twice - and won both times! I also didn't do the all-in move people seem to like. I actually played in a manner that left me smiling. That is a rare thing. Someone doubled-up Cosmo342. I repeat: Someone doubled-up C.O.S.M.O. How does that happen? Just goes to show that a lot of people look only at their cards and don't pay attention to opponents' tendencies. Note: I'm not saying I'm the best at it, but I'm not Mr. Magoo... Anyway Cosmo342 went out 125th and made the money. Good for him. Some may think I have a grudge against him. I don't. I just want to pole vault over him. This has now become next to impossible. Then again, it DOES depend on the number of points he gets. Started talking to people. Really talking, as in gabbing. This is something I don't do. My messages have always been polite, short and rare. According to my strategy, I'm also NOT supposed to do it. Just as bad as watching television or multi-tabling. I can only wonder why I would start doing this now. Do I have an unconscious need for a distraction while playing?