I didn't do as well as I wanted. Who does, right? I started out very well but started playing iffy starting hands, trying to bluff too many streets and all the other things that cause people to go out before the money. Because of my placing 572 in the third game, I decided to play the fourth and last game of the night. I should have just gone to bed...
  1. My Finish (in order): 81, 213, 572 and 445
  2. Cosmo342 Finish: 319, 105, 84 and 747
These finish places gave me an additional 29 points for a total of 1,637.95 and moved me 123 places up the charts to No. 367. Cosmo342 finish places caused him to lose 14.6 points, but his total of 1,949.92 keeps him in first place. There are now three days left and I must recalculate the points. I doubt Cosmo342 is going to change his strategy this late in the game. So, I think the calculation I made yesterday of a maximum of 10 points per day (2.475 per game) for Cosmo342 still works. 3 remaining days * 10 points = 30 points. 1,949.92 + 30 = 1,979.92 points at the end of July. 1,979.92 - 1,637.95 = 341.97 needed to tie him +1 to pass = 342.97 points needed over the next 12 games. 342.97 / 12 = 28.58 points per game or 114.32 points per day. WOW. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. But it will be fun trying.