Well I just realised I have been depositing about $25 a week since joining pokerstars and although I didn't profit I still think it has been a great investment for a beginner considering you get complete access to pokerschoolonline.   I would still be playing like I sat down for the first time if it wasn't for this site.   Some of the other sites I have checked out seem good but are charging $70+ a month to access the premium content and don't have all the extra little games and interactive stuff like here.


The past couple of days I have watched a lot of videos and have now learnt playing position, how to calculate pot odds, the rule of two and four, counting outs, converting outs to odds which is all pretty basic, also some stuff on identifying different players. Had a quick glance at implied odds this morning but will leave that for tonight.

After learning the above I played an open league tournament to practice this stuff and definitely changed my results. It took a bit to get used and although I was beaten buy a guy with a flush on the river while holding a set of kings just before the bubble, I had a fairly large stack by that stage because I became more aggressive, didn't limp into pots, worked out my odds before folding or raising post flop, watched players routines and spotted a few player types and have started taking notes.

I downloaded Hold'em Manager trial today and have looked at a few videos on how it works.  Should I gain more experience before using it so I don't completely rely on it?  Looks like a question that has probably been answered a few times in the forum....... will have to take a look.


Back to the tables...