Well I couldn't believe it but I managed a 4th place finish in an "Open League Tournament" on the 18/07/15.  It was only a freeroll but still gave me a good confindent boost and I now believe I can at least become a half decent player if I keep the reading and practice on track.

Also finished in the money a few nights back in the micromillions 089 (i think) $100k tournament, i think it was about 385th of something but still won $30 so that was a bonus.

Picked up a few books (PDF) the other day, Power Holdem - Daniel Negreanu, Harrington on Holdem - all 3 volumes, Holdem Wisdom - Daniel Negreanu, The Theory of Poker - David Sklansky.

Started reading "The Theory of Poker Book - David Sklansky" and has been a good read so far, plenty of stuff for beginners like me.  I will have to go over the chapters about pot odds a few times for it to sink in properly but I have definitely leant a lot from what I have read so far and recommend this book to any beginner out there.

Things are moving along slowly but hopefully in the next few months I will develope enough to start playing low stakes cash games with some success and be more competitive in the MTT's.