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I completed both the basic course quiz and the sit n go quiz  around the 11th or 12th and am now playing the open league.  I did learn a lot in the courses and have seen a definate improvement in my game with only a few weeks up my sleeve.

I'm not sure what type of competition is in the open league but after playing a few tournaments it seems pretty loose.  So far my best finish in the open league is 176.

I finished in the top 10 of a micromillions MTT satellite and won entry into the main event which is pretty cool and also go my first taste of an arrogant rude sore loser. This was about mid tournament,  the player was from Canada.  Cards were dealt and I hit KdKs.  The canadian limped in, I raised 3 blinds, the canadian called.  Flop comes out 7dKc7h, I hit a full house........... The canadian bets half the pot and I hesitate for about 15 seconds and then call to fake weakness.........turn card 2d,  The canadian without hesitation goes all in and of course I call straight away, even though he could possibly have pocket 7's I couldn't fold the hand I had............ he shows a Kh7c and after showing my KdKs, the river hits 8c and shit hits the fan.  he was trying everything he could to insult me, stayed in the observer chat for a while talking crap, it was a bit of free entertainment.

I would love to see some of the reactions from people losing there shit at a live game.


Time for bed...