*This blog was originally started 10-07-2015 on wordpress but have since transfered it here

*I have never written or kept a blog but thought this would be a great way to track my experiences*



Well here I am, 34 years old and have just discovered the world of poker.

I remember what set the bug off,

Around early June I was watching some random stuff on youtube, i think it was "streetfights" or something but came across a video called 'Phill Hellmuth's biggest blow ups", all I can say it was great entertainment and ended up spending a few hours watching other poker video's including "poker after dark".  I haven't enjoyed watching something like this in a very long time and was was sitting on the edge of my seat while watching some of the big hands, I got through 5 or 6 episodes and the lightbulb went off......... 

Well the next part was simple, download a decent poker app to play some people. 

I downloaded the WSOP app and printed out a list of the hands to learn while playing and became so engrossed in it that 4 hours went by and I only looked up because my battery was low.

I think at that point I was hooked which surprised me as I remember growing up that I never really was interested in any type of card game.

I played the WSOP game a few more weeks while reading a few things on different websites about game variants etc and came across a review for Pokerstars and saw that it had "Pokerschoolonline" and signed up.

The missus will have to be careful, I think there is a new love in my life.