I have made a few 25$ deposits, however I feel that those deposits are not good for me. I feel they are not good for me, because I like hyper turbo tournaments, and I like the zoom.  But with such a small bankroll, if i go on one bad streak, I am done. So, do I pursue what I love, and take a big risk, and make a bigger deposit, or do I abandon what I like, and do lower stake games and work my way up to what I like?


I have a 50% success rate on the sng's but as math will show, that won't help me in the long run. I have been considering making a big deposit of 150$ that way if i go on a losing streak on my 1.50's the loss won't effect me as much as it would with a lower bankroll.


I have also been tyring to enter a crap load of freeroles, hoping I can make it into the money, but are they really worth it? Can I even get a buildable bankroll with these freeroles? Or should I give up on them, and make my big deposit. It's a tough call for me. 


I know I am a little better than a average player, because I do have good runs, i never deposit, and lose it all, without a gain. But I don't know how to properly build my bankroll to build beond the double up point.



I am asking for advice for all these questions, I am also hoping that someone will send me a PM so they can take me under their wing, and teach me how to properly play poker, and make some money doing so. 


Thank you for reading, I will be posting on the blog more frequently. have a good day.