Well I dont think my PSO today could have gone much worse. In fact, I would say its my worst ever day in PSO. I played 4 tournies. Game 1. Totally card dead to the point that I was blinded allin with 32 suited which got busted by AK. I managed to scrape a plus score of less than one point. So I was hopeful for better cards (and fortune) in my later games. Well I got better cards. But it only led to suffering the misfortune of being busted holding KK in each of the other three tournies!

The first KK I got busted with lost to JT after the flop came QJT against a known donkey who hadnt even made a plus score from 9 attempts so far this month. He had earlier called a 3 bet shove preflop for his tournament life with....J7 suited. Even though he had 2800 chips and the blinds were 75/150. That was bad enough. Next tourny...I get KK and after a flop of 23J a player who limped UTG bets out and I go allin (just over a min raise of his post-flop bet)...only to see my UTG limping opponent snap call with AA. And then in my fourth and final tourny I am dealt 22 hands..and on Hand 22 I get KK. I limp early and then a guy 2 positions behind me min raises. Flop is 288 rainbow. I bet out and get min raised (which puts me allin if I call) by the preflop raiser . I call and he shows....AA! Absolutely sickening that I should get set up like that two tournies running. Especially when I see idiot donks playing as stupidly as they possibly can with any two cards and getting rewarded for it. After a day like today I could be forgiven for thinking that in order to get anywhere in PSO, it looks like I MUST 1. play like a total donkey or 2. play ONLY my blinds and AA. Every other hand is an automatic fold. What is the bloody point in trying to play a tight solid and disciplined game if the only thing that happens when I do get a good hand is to be on the wrong end of a set up/cold deck or a bad beat at the hands of an idiot? I guess I got to hope for (MUCH) better luck at the tables tomorrow. But given that I play at PokerStars, I aint holding my breath.