So a new month of PSO Skill League begins. And I have high hopes for the month ahead.

Last month I finished in the Top 200 (192nd overall with score of 1743.2) despite playing only 29 games. I do regret not giving the PSO League more of my time and dedication last month as I feel I could have at least got closer to the Top 98 if I have played even as little as 40 games. From my 29 games, I had 6 minus scores (3 of them were less than -0.50 points) and 23 plus scores including just 5 ITMs and my best finish was only 35th (in my very last game of the month ironically). I also showed that i could bounce back after a minus score by getting a plus score in the next tournament I played on all 6 occasions. Whilst I made only 5 ITMs, I would say however, that on 5 other occasions I lost key pots that would have got me to ITM had I won them and I held the better hand preflop on all 5 of those occasions. But hey, we all have our hard luck stories dont we? If anything, it goes to show how fine the margins are in this highly competitive league. One bad river card close to ITM phase can cost you 15-20 points. But then again, one lucky river card could gain you 15-20 points. And it also shows that, even with "modest" stats, you can win a nice "little bankroll boost" if you can keep your discipline. I try not to lose sight of that even when I am not running well as it keeps me focused.

One thing is for sure, I am going to give myself the best chance to do even better this month by playing more PSO tournaments this month. My immediate goal is to achieve a new personal best in terms of finishing position and in skill rating score. I think both those targets are achieveable if I give it my best efforts.