Hi guys and gals,it has been a little while since my last post here, it was an entry to the PSO Blog Championship https://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/mcedger/going-in-deep, and i think i am just about over the tilt of not winning one of the prizes for top two most voted entries lol.
Well as they say it's the taking part that counts, yeah riiight i'm a poker player i want to win.
But i must add that the motivation of trying to give the readers a good story, really did spur me
on to take down the hot $5.50 on PokerStars. So allow me to tell you a little about what i've been up to over my last few months of poker.

 I first got into poker because i found a real passion for the mathematics and psychology of live
poker,as time has gone on though i have really picked up an aptitude for the online game too(imo ). I have to say i consider myself to be quite fortunate online in the last few months, i had the hot $5.50 win, and also that month i had my best finish in the PSO premier league, finishing in 6th for another $1000. This is all pretty big for someone that predominantly played micro stakes MTTs and sit and goes. 

 Then in December i managed to final table a $4.40 progressive super KO tournament, they
were not in the regular schedule on stars at the time, and it was one of the first times i played
them(obviously played a few times since &nbsp, and i finished 3rd for around $720 plus $150 i won in bounties, and i chalked up my second biggest online cash of my life, and it was a nice boost just before christmas, as well a nice confidence boost in my game, which as any poker player knows, can be the difference between just cashing and going deep. So the end of the year went decent but i had a slight $200 downswing at the very end.

 2015 continued where 2014 left off and the downswing continued for most of January to the tune of about $600, and i wasn't getting any good runs in the premier league together either. A lot of the downswing that i experienced was due to there being another leg of the UKIPT in london, and as it has been an ambition of mine to play one since i started playing poker, and i had not too bad a bankroll, i felt like i should give myself a shot at it, long story short, i didn't quite make it but i cashed in one of the qualifiers for £200. A friend did remind me that i should concentrate on continuing to build my roll and that the UKIPT will still be there next year, which is so true, and a reality check i think i needed (thankyou ).

 At the end of january i was lucky enough to win a seat in a LIVE game from a rival poker site, it was at Aspers casino, near the Olympic Park in Stratford, and i won the £220 seat in a twitter competition of all things, where you had to give them your cure for the winter blues, i submitted a photo of my 2 guitars with a caption of "If you can't beat the blues, play them". And on the same day i managed to win the weekly pokerstars twitter account #FridayGiveaway. So all in all it was feeling like my luck was creeping back in. So i went to Aspers and basically played like a nit for four hours, until i had a shoving stack, picked up the blinds and a limp on my small blind, by shoving with 99, but went out the very next hand, when over a loose openers' raise, i 3 bet jammed with 99 again, and "to see how well he was running that day"(lol), he made the good (though mortifying for me) call with QJos (tight image FTW, yay! oh!) and proceeded to hit a queen on not just the flop but the river as well, just to you know, finish the job properly. At least i could catch the tube home still, so the mope home would only take half as long .

  I think it's at times like that, when you really feel that crushing defeat, that you truly find out your strength of character, and poker can be very demanding mentally, the hardest way to make an easy living, feels like such an apt statement to describe it most of the time. January wasn't all doom and gloom though, as when i returned home that night from Aspers i fired up some poker, and managed to satellite into the $55 Nightly 25K on PokerStars for the first time ever(i have tried a few times to qualify). I like to think that i didn't play too scared, although i know i did play pretty tight. Well i managed to run pretty well and i made the final table out of over 650 runners, and ended up taking 4th for just over $2400 and my biggest online cash. So i went from beng $400 down to ending the month +$2k. My goal for this year was to try and make five figures online, and with that and what was to come in the beginning of february i hope to smash that goal early and set new ones.

I will write my next post up shortly and let you know how february got off to a great start for me, and also give you all a tournament report to hopefully enjoy.

Until next time, Run good and stay out of my pots 

Jodi (M.C. Edger)