hi guys and gals,

 I just played the £100 ukipt satellite this evening and it was a really fun game, especially seeing as it was essentially a freeroll because i used a £100 ukipt qualifying ticket that i won in the UKIPT-isle of man sat: turbo freeroll final on pokerstars for uk and ireland players.

 About an hour beforehand there were already 8 players registered, so i went to pokerprolabs and searched the names that were there, i knew 1 already, "jabracada", brit Tom Hall, who has recently been seen on the PCA main event broadcasts (which he qualiied for on stars). A search of the others showed PCA package winners, wcoop Final tablists, sunday warm up runners up and a whole big stream of cashes. Not long into the game the list of pros i could identify were: Toby Lewis, Tom Middleton, Tom Hall, Matthias De Meulder, Daragh Davey and pro satellite winner Dara O'kearney so i knew my work was going to be cut out for me.

 In total there were 62 runners which paid 7 UKIPT London seats, £200 for 8th and £114 for 9th, so it was a case of making the final table to show a profit. I wanted to make sure i got in early, try and get a good feel for the other players and establish my image, which was never gonna be anything but tight, but i wasn't going to be playing scared money.

 The game had 10 minute levels and a generous 5K starting stack so i was in no rush to get involved, the only notable hand i played at 50/100 i raised with KQo from the cutoff got three callers and took it down with a c-bet on a board of KT4ss, had the queen of spades as a backup too lol.Even with that little top up after an hour i was down to 4230 when this hand came up on the button: 

I figured i was deep enough to try and flop a set and knew there was a chance that the blinds would come along, for extra implied value . It was just the perfect flop for me, but i think it was a mistake for me to reraise him on the flop, when it was a nice dry flop for him to c-bet and he didnt have to have a hand there either. Maybe i could have played that a bit slower and got better value but oh well i'm back over starting stack and got 36 big blinds to work with, which is plenty at this stage. (p.s. run pure lol)

 My next good spot came up just 3 hands later when i picked up jacks in middle position, folds to me and i min raise to 300, i had a pretty tight image by this point having only played 4 or 5 hands total in an hour, it folds round to the BB who then pretty much snap shoves for 3848. So it's basically 2/3 of my stack to call, which would put me straight into the 10bbs danger zone still quite early in the game. I knew there was a good chance it would be a flip and i also had a funny feeling this could be light because i had such a tight image and the kind of pros in this game would definately try and take advantage of that. Like i said before i didn't come into this game to be scared money, so i clicked call and held my breath:


BooooommM ShIIIPP iiIItTT!! and i'm up to over 60 BBs and in the top 10 chip stacks, just got to maintain my stack and use the chips wisely.

 I didn't get many playable hands over the next level until this interesting blind vs blind hand came up.Its 100/200 and it folds around to the small blind who min raises to 400, i am on the big with K2s, i think it's king high, which could be the best hand, it's suited and i'm getting 3-1 in position. So i call and we see a flop, it's a decent 1, as it comes down Ace high and gives me the 2nd nut flush draw. He leads for half pot and i call getting 3-1 on my money again.

 Again, like with the 33 hand, i gave away my hand strength a little too early and possibly missed out on some good value by not letting them some bluff more if they were way behind, when i effectively had the nuts.

 Shortly after i make what i think is a very tight fold, a player in early position raises over 3x from a 20bb stack and it folds to me in the small blind with AKo, i have 30bbs and Matti De Meulder is in the big blind with me just covered, i'm not too worried about him, but it really looks to me like the raise is trying to induce a reraise big enough to get it all  in pre flop, even if would have been a flip i didnt want to risk even 20bbs at this point, i really wanted the seat. so instead of 3 betting, which i would have done in a regular MTT, i folded bacause this was a satellite and the most important thing is to stay alive.

 The next lvel or 2 was pretty uneventful, and the blinds jumped from 200/400 to 300/600, making my 6K stack go from 15bb to 10bbs instantly. I knew i was going to need to play a hand soon as i was one of the 2 shortest stacks with just over 20 left. It was on my next BB, down to 9 bbs now, that i was dealt pocket 9s, there was a raise from mid position from a 40bb active player, that i knew would be calling if i shoved but i also knew i was likely to be in good, if not great shape, and i really needed the double up now. It folds to me and i ship it in, he calls and flips over KJo, and we're off to the races.


 Unfortunately he hits and he hits good, leaving me going out in 22nd out of the 62 runners. Not quite this time, As usual in hindsight i think of afew other ways i could have played my exit hand, mybe flat call the min raise and get away on the flop or even just fold, have 8bbs and wait for a slightly better spot seeing tht this was quite a big satellite for me. I don't mind how i played it and overall i feel i held my own against the big-ger boys lol.

It's not the first ukipt satellite i've played and it sure won't be the last as long as i can't just go and buy in, as playing a ukipt has been an ambition of mine in poker since i started playing a few years ago, so i'll keep plugging away. I'll be back trying to get that ticket again for sure and trying to make the game, especially when it's in my home town.

 Til next time gl at the tables,  and i hope this has been at least a bit as entertaining as the game ws for me to play,