Hi guys and gals, just a quick mini blog entry for some points mongering lol.


 I was down to the last 2 tables in event number 10 of the 2014 PSO back2school series with barely a bounty to my name, so i checked the lobby to see if there were any  PSO Team Members left in the game. As luck would have it there was still one left in the form of fadyen. He was at another table but i held out hope we would meet, almost like fate lol.

 Just after he moved into the seat on my direct right (EZ game) having me slightly covered, but the next 2 hands i managed to pick off the 2 short stacks at the table.

now i had fadyen covered it was time to pick up a real hand, which fortunately i didn't have to wait too long for muahahahahahaHAHAHAHA!!! (sorry my table boss complex flring up again lol)

picking up kings utg on fadyen's big blind, i min raise , picking up a shove from a short stack and fadyen reshoves(probably hoping i was just stealing) sorry not this time mate.

gg guys, was fun playing with you all, now for me to go and take down this final table, just 4 left now .

p.s. by the time i had finished this i came 3rd

til next time glgl Jodi