Hi guys and gals,

 It has been a little while since i first posted in here but i did so because writing about my experiences in poker was definitely something i was interested in and wanted to have a go at doing.

 My first post was about how high variance pokerstars is as a site and the reasons why i thought so. I knew that i wanted to improve my game and playing online is a great way to get in a lot of hands in a much shorter time than it would take than playing live (which has always been my favourite form of poker).

 The main reason i play predominantly online is the lack of a decent bankroll to play live, to think that to have a comfortable bankroll to cover 100 tournaments even at the mid range £30-70 i would need to have between £3000 and £7000, which is a real stretch for me, certainly at the moment. I still play the odd live tourney but certainly not as much as i would like to.

 Over the past year my main live games have been in a pub league which i was lucky enough to win this last season, after losing first place in the league the previous season, on the last game (FML lol). So at least i will have another trophy to add to my collection . At the last regional final i made the final table and ended up finishing 3rd for £100, 2 spots from a Vegas trip( winner gets a Vegas holiday), and a seat at the national finals in October where the whole final table all gets a holiday to Las Vegas (yeah boiiiiiiii). Obviously as a poker lover Las Vegas is the holy Graille for poker players.

 I play quite a lot of satellites, live and online, and tend to do pretty well. Live i have satt'd into games with upto £450 buyins for as little as £50, though admittedly i was a little out of my depth playing with real pros and never really managed to convert those games into any meaningful cash prizes.

 Recently i have been playing also on a rival site and done really well just playing sats to live games. From $10 outlay i have got into a live £165 monthly event in each of the last 2 months, and won an extra seat too last month, which i did a deal with a friend for half the buyin and 25% of his action (neither of us cashed ), i am in the next qualifier for that game which is this friday also. I also got into a $160 qualifier for a $2200 event package in Malta, i final tabled but played pretty bad there and ended up 9th, top 3 got the package. I also got in a $100 qualifier for the high roller version of the monthly tourney i had qualified for. I got heads up for the $930 (£550) seat and lost pretty brutally, but oh well it's the best $10 i have ever invested in poker tbh, so every cloud and all that lol. I do have a really nice deck of cards i won from there too, which are the best deck i have ever played a home game with . p.s. i still have more than the $10 i started with on there.

 So in 3 and a half weeks or so i will be going to my next pub league regional finals, collecting my trophy and playing for the Vegas package again, and 4 weeks or so after that i will be travelling up to Coventry for the nationals. Travelling to play poker has always been one of the draws of playing live poker for me, as i love to see new places and meet new people, poker is a very social game when you want it to be.

 Funnily enough i started this post with the intention of sharing how i had been improving my online game recently, which i hope translates to improving my live game also, but it seems to have turned into a bit of a brag post ( i try to be a humble person LOL), and spewing is something i have been trying to reign in haha. But i hope you enjoy reading a little about my recent poker journey anyway, and i am 100% going to write that up as my next post so do stay tuned for that, will defo be some strategy in there and a few semi-pro-am tips along with how reviewing my hand histories has REALLY helped my game.

 Until then good luck at the tables and stay out of my pots!!

Hopefully i didn't ramble on too much, but you see what happens when you get me started on live poker hehe.

 All the best Jodi