I know a lot of people talk about variance and the luck element of poker, the "holy grail" that is the long run and running bad. The reason i thnk it is so hard to make profits at the MTTs and the really big top 3 money is that because of the size of the fields on Pokerstars and the "bad beat" factor, a tight/solid game isn't going to neccessarily be a winning strategy, especially when so many players employ an any 2 will do mindset in these games, in particular the turbos.

 There is definitely a lot more bad beats going on on pokerstars because a lot of new and beginner players don't know the right odds or even correct starting hands they should be playing at various times in the mtts.

 With Pokerstars being the biggest and most widely advertised site they are going to attract the most new players and therefore the most amateur players also. Obviously massive field sizes and more " less skilled opponents" make for, let's say more interesting games.

 The lure of that top money really does bring out the inner donkey in a lot of players it seems and it is a hard thing to combat in any 1 tournament, so to keep plugging away seems to be the answer.

 So in summary, yes Pokerstars is the hardest place to make a decent MTT profit but also where a top 3 finish is going to have the biggest impact on your bankroll, where else could you parlay 55c into $700 in 1 tournament (hot 55c btw). The biggest field sizes make for the biggest prizes, just expect to probably have to play many many games before you get that elusive bink.

 Good luck at the tables, and if you see me at your table stay out of my pots lol.



p.s. my first attempt at any kind of blog so be kind in any criticism thankyou