i just recently joined pokerstars on march 22, 2011, after a friend told me about it.  At first i was struggling with getting the hang of the game, because i was familiar with no-limit hold'em but didn't know what odds, outs and a few other things were, but now i'm starting to catch on and the poker school has been a big help with it all. I played a 0.25 multi-table tournament late last night and had my best finish ever. i was put all-in several times with under 495.00 in chips and the turn and river would pull me out of a jam 3 times before i finally lost to a fullhouse, against my 3 of a kind kings. But i am excited to make it this far and i hope to improve my game with more practice. I have big dreams of becoming pro some day and i know PokerStars will be there to help me every step of the way. Thanks again PokerStars for all your help. Good luck everyone. GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!