I have been playing on pokerstars for over a year now and I am getting very close to my breaking point. Theres a word often used in poker and I think I've just about had enough of it, VARIANCE! On pokerstars it seems to be a word used in order keep people playing despite losing money!

I understand that I am not going win every strong hand I play and I can live with that. Sometimes those with less than 20% odds will win the hand, after all 1% chance is still a chance after all. However, I am getting frustrated with the frequency with which these poor hands take the pot.

My whole time on pokerstars I have been collecting chips at under the expected value of return. At crucial points in a tournament a miracle hand always seems to appear. I'll have  a 70000 chip stack and shove  pocket Jacks only to be called by someone with a 320000 ship stack holding 56. Low and behold he flops 2 pair with a 526 flop and my tournament is over. I'll play AK vs A2 offsuit, flop top pair Kings only for 4 spades to hit the board, and I'm out. I flop Aces with A8 against someone I have down as a weak player so I shove. A second 9 appears on the river giving his 97 hand 3 of a kind. And the list goes on and on.

Just the other day I lost a hand which I was just over 99% favourite to win after the flop. I shoved AK and it was called by 89. I floped A44, and I think I could be forgiven for thinking the hand was done but I was wrong. Nines on turn and river gave him the win and I was out of the tournament.

I understand sometimes I play bad poker and lose. Variance may also play a its roll, but when I am consistently getting punished for shoving hands with over 65% odds to win I start to take a rethink.

If this continues much longer I may just have to quit investing money into tournaments and stick to the premier skill league. If I focus my efforts on that , maybe I can start to see a return on the time I spend studying and playing poker.

Have a good day everyone, and I hope you have a better time at the tables than me.