Hello everyone. My name is Nambao, one of few Africans playing on pokerstars. I live in Zambia, often considered 'The Real Africa', but in case any readers were wondering no I can not see wild animals out my window. That is a question I am often asked to my great amusement. 


Ive been part of pokerschoolonline for over a year now and my game has improved a lot during that time. However as I was looking at my stats today I realised theres an area in which I am greatly lacking, I have a trickiness rating of 0.00. Anyone who has played me before and bothered to keep a note on me has a good advantage over me because I don't switch it up.

I have decided to use freerolls such as the 100K to try and rectify this area of my game. After the 1st two hours of this tournament the donks have just about knocked each other out of the tournament leaving a field of decent playersagainst whom I can practice my skills.

I have also managed to befriend a few more experienced players on pokerstars from whom I am hoping to learn a lot.

So with a few weeks practice, some studying of my game and help from live training sessions I am hoping to be a stronger player who is harder to read.

Thanks for reading.