Yes, it did happen! I had a pair of Kings on the button pre-flop. I raised all-in after seeing all the other players limp in. Everybody folded except one player with a 7,2 offsuit. I held 2,330 in chips and my opponent held 2,475 in chips. Now explain to me why any single player in their right mind would have called an all-in bet pre-flop with a hand like that??? The flop comes out 7,2,2 and the only hope I had was the miracle of getting my King. Of course, no such thing occurred and I was knocked out of the tournament. This particular series of events hasn't ever happened to me before. Understand my reaction, "What the F**K?????!!!!!" At any rate, I think I'll take the advice of one of the responses I read on a PokerSchool forum...Amatuers should not go all-in pre-flop until they have enough experience at the tables. Truthfully, I believe ANY PRO would do the same thing I did.