Poker Lovers, When I first started playing on PokerStars I finished third in a freeroll earning a ticket to a Weekly Round 2 Sat. I thought I was great at poker. Heck, I finished third in a field of ten-thousand! I was certain I was on my way to being a pro. I couldn't have been more further from the truth. It wasn't until I began studying poker here on PokerSchoolOnline that I realized just how little I knew about this vivacious card game. I read the lessons on PokerSchool and took the quizzes. I barely passed a couple of them. Then I began playing in the PSO League so that I could see how much studying poker truly would improve my game. I have come to the conclusion that studying poker has been the right move. There are so many times I would get frustrated when I'd lose a tournament in the first couple hands. Now, I don't sweat it any more. Good poker play means that there are times when you'll simply have a great hand and a not-so-great-hand will take the pot. For example, in my last tourney I was dealt a pair of Kings while on the button. This was the second deal of the tournament for me. The flop comes out 9s, 4d, 2s. I raised all in after the entire table checked. I received two calls. Trip 4's took the pot. The lesson here: Some poker decisions comes with experience. I'm proud to still be an amatuer. I look forward to gaining the experience of a pro. All this takes time and studying. Since joining PokerSchool I have noticed great improvements in my playing style. I'm eager for live training to begin!