This is my first here goes.  I've been playing poker now for about 5 years on and off, but only recently started playing live. I have found that I prefer live poker as you are able to get a lot more important information about the other players at your table.  My recent success has confirmed this as I won a small tournament in Bristol last week and came 2nd in the Fair Play Poker Final at Gala Casino, again in Bristol. Must be a lucky place for me.  Well, I'm off to Dusk till Dawn today for the Poker League final along with about 15 other players from Cheltenham. There is usually around 180 runners, so it's no mean feat to get to the final table. I'm gonna take my "A" game and with the poker gods on my side, I cant fail!!! Famous last words! I will post an update when I get back, be it bad or good. Lets hope for the latter.  Good luck to all at the tables, and for me, all I ask for is NO BAD LUCK! 

Thanks for reading this, my first post

Hope to see you at a table soon