Playing in the 2100 Tourn. and 3 of us call the blind . I'm sitting on pocket Q's and the flop is 7 9 3 in a pretty rainbow . So I throw all my chips in the pot , the first 2 fold and the third calls my all in . the cards are flipped and my apposition shows 5 6 off .  The turn has nothing good for either one of us , but guess what floats up out of the river the dreded 8 . This left me with 40 chips 9 min. into the Tourn. , 2 hands later I dig a flush out of the river to extend my play . To make a long story short , I managed to squat and stall ( and play a few chioce hands ) to make it inside the top 400 till my pocket Cowboys were mowed down by trip Q's  , the third one fished out of the RIVER of course !