After playing my first 4 PSO's & trying to be somewhat logical,I noticed that after about 15 min. someone always had a stack close to 100K...How the hell was this possible?...then it dawned on me & I did the math...4 games a day= 120/month...with those #'s you got to get all-in lucky at least 20% of the time...if you play them all & finish in the top 10,you got yourself about $20 for the through this I've discovered that the strategy for free tourney's,be they for cash or tickets to the BIG GAME, is to throw caution to the wind & strap on your 5 shooter,start blasting both barrels at anything that moves and if you survive your stack will carry you through...lay back & do a little rope-a-dope then apply a little logic and your a winner...I came in 76 the first time I applied this and made .10...the next one will be even better because if I get shot early, there's another one comin' right up... take care & never underestimate the "LUCK" factor,because the Bad Beat is the JOKER of the game & sooner or later he will call your name...but also remember that luck is the Angel we all want to date & sooner or later she also to will be part of your fate... maxkurt