Today was a interesting day.  I took a beating in the 8pm game, my fault really I made a bad read and shoved and it cost me an early knockout.

I thought I would use the time between games to play a little cash tables.  It started out well, gained about $1.00 on the micro $.01/.02 tables.  However it didn't stay that way, I flopped a set of queens and had a heavy raise from a player that I know plays loose and likes to bully a table.  So I pushed all-in on him and he called.  Yea right?  Well he was holding pocket K's and caught a King on the river.   Just my lousy luck.  I only about $1.67 left so I still have some room to work with to recover and hopefully make my 20FPP for the month but I really have to be careful now.  The hard part is that you only get FPP on pots that are $1.00 or more, and you only find those at your more aggressive tables in the micro stakes.  So it is really a catch 22 situation.  You need to play in the big money hands, but only when you have got a top hand.  Hard act to follow when most action happens pre-flop.

My 10pm game went a little better and finished 124th.  Again not a stellar performance but when the cards just will not come arround your way, making the bubble is pretty good.