Tonight I played the 8pm tourney and I planned on playing the 10pm also but my GF told me she wasn't feeling well so just in case I choose not to register in it asside from the fact I was still playing the 8pm game.

I ended up squeeking out a 114 finish.  I think I saw the flop about 25 times the whole game and played about 23 of those to showdown and won 20.  I just could not get decent cards.  Being constantly short stacked by usually 4:1 or greater at every table makes it really difficult to play a buff or even a semi bluff as the chip leader will almost always call.  I got lucky with a few hands that were semi bluffs but I really had to resist the urge to play those optimum flat out buff hands.  Everyone that tried got called out on and beaten. 

Had a few All-in idiots, you know the poker rejects that think pushing all-in every hand will get them somewhere.  While these retards are annoying (and yea you know who you are), I really don't mind them, as I know eventually I will catch cards against them and send them back to short bus they came from.  What makes it even more enjoyable is watching them complain when they get called with a donk hand and beat.  God that makes my day seeing that.