Today was a rollercoaster day with the variance.  I played in the 8pm and the 10pm tourneys.  The 8pm had a whooping 1700 players in it, that is about as large as they get for a single game.  I did OK in it but a bad beat took me out earlier than I really planned, I had hopped to make it to positive points but I only cleared half the field finishing somewhere arround the 850 mark.

My 10pm game was much better overall but the darn variance kept popping up and totally killng my momentum.  I would get little surges of good soild hands that worked with the flop, and then like a light switch off it would go and no hand i held would clear the board.

About 2/3rds the way through the tourney I got moved to a awesome table!! It was that I was even really wininng at that table that made it awesome, it was the players at that table.  A full table of people that were playing REAL POKER!  No crazy all-ins with trash, no insane pure blind bluffs praying for a river suck out.  No, a full 9 players all playing poker as if those chips were their own real money. 

Serious poker playing, where it was your skills and solid cards against another players skill and solid cards.  It was the most enjoyable, and fun table I have played at in a long time.  I wish everyone played like that fine group of people did. 

I could have been knocked out at that point and been very happy, not with how I finished the tournement, but knowing that my skills and my choice in hands went up against the best hand there was possible at the table, win or lose. 

Overall I ended up finishing in 40th place with my final hand being pocket 7's.  I could only have survied 1 more blind anyway at that point and it was the best hand I had gotten in a too long of a while.
Hopefully my second tourney placing will offset the middle of the road finish in the first game.  I will have to wait till tomorrow to know for certain.