Today I only played in 1 PSO the 10pm, I haven't even checked my standing, I just don't really want to look, it might just make me cry. LOL

But tonights game was finally a little bit like normal, I finished in 91st place, not a awesome finish granted, but compared to my recent disasters it is a definate win both in the points department and even a little in the money area.  Granted $0.02 isn't going to buy much but it is better than nothing and 1000X better than earlier in the week.  So hopefully this is the turn arround point and things will continue to progress.

Tonights game ended in the usual fashion, a solid straight getting beat by a flush.  Hard to walk away from from a solid hand against the possibility of the other guy having a flush, but honestly I pretty well new I was beat.  There really was no options as I was short stacked and pot commited from my bet on the flop.  It was the river once again that did me in and gave my sole opponent the flush.  So it wasn't a big suprise when when I lost, there is just a point of no return that you reach chipwise and that was that.