If it was so pathetic of a day it would almost be funny.  I played in 4-5 tournements today, they were all so bad and so short lived that I lost track how many I played today. 

It started with Aces and crossed over into every hand I touched turned to crap.  In my first 2 tourneys I got pocket Aces 2 times in a row the first tourney and 3times in a row the second.  Both tourneys ended the same way total failure.  Every time my aces were beaten down by a flush, that I of course didnt' have a card to. 

The middle 1 or 2 games were an excercise in futility as I only got 1 or 2 layable hands that actually won, everything else was junk and I ended up blinding out.

My 10pm game really pissed me off.  Once the blinds hit the $100 BB mark, I got moved 3 times in a row and each table I  had to pay the BB!  Add insult to injury, I didn't even get a playable hand in all those expensive BB's.  Well dropping $400 (including the BB from my original table) pretty well did me in.

So far this is the worst I have ever done in the PSO since I started playing it.  I will have to check how low I have dropped after todays scores post and see if there is even a chance at making the whitestar money level at all.  Not even a week in and it might already be pointless to really try, or at least have any real expectations at getting to a respectable level in the leaderboard.

Aside from that i am up about $1.00 on the $.01/.02 tables which is good and if I can continue to build my bankroll hopefully things will progress on the cash tables/FPP front.  At least if I am able to build a decent bankroll if March turns out to be a bust on the PSO front I will be better situated for April on the FFP area anyway.  Ehh who knows, just have to wait and see.