Well the title says it all really, today pocket pairs were my enemy.  I played the 8pm and 10pm tourneys today and pockets brought them to a close.  I think I made it to positive points in the first tourney getting knocked out arround the 400 place level with pocket Jacks that just never saw the light of day.  Flop was a rainbow of low cards, turn brought the dreaded Ace and the river was no help to anyone. 

The secound tourney I found myself with pocket Kings and feeling pretty good about them till 2 inital pimpers raised the pot to all in levels.  My gut said fold, only becuase it would kill my toureny points recovery to get knocked out so early (were talking like the 10th hand of the game) but i ignored it and called anyway, only to face 2 players both with pocket Aces.  I was really hopefull at that point as all Aces were accounted for and I only needed to catch 1 of the remianing 2 Kings in the deck.  Not great odds but at least I had 2 outs.  However it was not to be, the board didn't even show a face card thus ending that tourney very very very early. 

Which brings up a very good point to anyone playing or looking to play in the PSO, and probley any other league point style tournements.  Making almost any call for all your chips early on in a tournement, should never be done.  Yup, I said it,.......... Never!  Not if you ever plan on making it to the top of the leader board anyway (which should be the whole reason your plaing the PSO .... Right?) 

The reason I say NEVER, is a very good one and that is becuase of how the scoring system works in the PSO and probley similarly in any other point based MTT.  Getting knocked out of a tournement early is 10X more damaging than weakly blinding out in the top 30%, and is a point that my brain remembered but I choose to foolishly ignore in my 10pm game.

This wildcard knockout will end up costing me probley 20+ points, however it will take as many as 10 top 20%-30% finishes just to break-even from that one loss.  Play wise it might have been a coin-toss call to play KK; however point wise it was a stupid move on my part, and one that I will end up spending my whole weekend trying to make up for.