Well my long day of poker that I planned for today went dark early this morning, ...... due to a power outage.  UHHHHG, just my luck.  I started the 10am tourny only to stare slackjawed at a dark blank screen at 10:54am.  Aparently someone hit a power pole and took out 6 blocks.  Just freaking great!

Got my power back on arround 7:45 or so, just in time to fire up the comp, cross my fingers that the power would stay up, and entered the 8pm PSO.  Bad Idea.  Nothing but distractions, phone ringing off the hook with the power company calling to makes checks, friends and family calling non-stop wondering why we weren't answering the phone, and GF wanting every clock in the house reset.  Yup, not a good idea to play that tourney.  Ended up bombing out.

For the 10pm I laid down the law there were to be no interuptions, and things went a little better.  At least made it to positive points, but that was about as far as I could make it.  I only got the cards for 4 winning hands.  Final hand I went all in pocket 9's, it was either that or blind out, and of course I am up against pocket Q's.    Well you can guess how that went.  i finished just under 300 out of 15xx. 

Not a great showing that is for sure, but at least it is better than the previous ones.  I really hope this string of bad luck ends soon or this is going to be one sad PSO month.