As you can see it has been a little while since I have posted here, and I appolgise for that.  The day before thanksgiving my father had a massive stroke and I have spent the past few months helping him get better. 

Now that my father is doing better and able to do most things for himself, I have more time for poker again.  While it is already the end of the PSO month, I am using the time to refresh and regroup, and also try to pick up some cash for money tables to hopefully make the FFP for the month of March. 

The other day I took 2nd in a PSO tournement out of 1584 players.  The heads up match didn't take long, about 5 hands into it we were all-in.  I hand a straight off the flop but my oppenent picked up a flush on the river.  We both had great starting hands.  I don't mind losing the hand when it is a honest playing hand, not some 3/7 off suit trash that sucks out on the river. 

Yesterday and today I spent a good amount of time just trying to make the money level, but luck has not been kind to me my last few tourneys.  Awe well, that is why they call it "Gambling" and not "Give me all your money", LOL.  I still have 2 days left in this month to try to pick up a little money before the next month start.  I am hoping that I will be able to finish the month in the top 100 for march.  That is my goal anyway, to make it to the money in at least the whitestar level, and with a little luck I will be able to pick up the FFP I need to real money.

On a side note a friend of mine who plays recently was forced to quit playing poker on Pokerstars after a error on PS part that he hasn't been able to get corrected.  He withdrew his winning from his account and logged in later in the week only to find his account had a negitive balance!  How can you take out more than you have?  After several emails to PS, they keep insisting that he deposit money to make up for thier accounting errors, even when he has faxed his bank statements showing that he only received the amount he was due.  This has been going on now for almost a month.

I honestly have to say that this is very disturbing to me as I am the one who brought him to play poker in the first place and taught him how to play.  I have always held Pokerstars in very high reguard untill this incident.  It makes me leary to recomend other people I have met or know to PokerStars as it has a direct impact on my creditability that my friends and family have come to trust.   Hopefully they will get this issue corrected as I really enjoyed the banter and friendship we have had while we played.