Hey all, not sure if anyones gonna read this but im getting really frustrated with the amount of suck outs im up against.

A quick introduction about myself...i started playing poker about 4 years ago, im a part time player. I generally played at weekends due to working monday - friday and ive made a descent profit over the years. Im around %100 ROI with winnings of more than $50,000 and profit of more than $25,000. As with most newbies as was i tad clueless when i first started out...playing all sorts of crap and not doing particually well...i remember donking 4th or 5th in a party poker tourny for about $250 and thinking id mastered the art....obviously i was wrong. I quickly learned that been a bad player was only gonna result in money down the drain and given that im not exactly rich that wasnt a good route to take.

So i played more and got better...good enough to make more than 25 large. Dont get me wrong im no poker genius and i still make the odd bad call or play a hand badly.

Anyways last year ( 2012) i didnt get to play much..only around 50 tournys due to working 60 hours a week but the previous 3 years i played abit and like i said made some descent cash.

So this year as i got some spare time ive started playing again...ive signed up for the PSO and im making a real effort to play good solid poker now but jezz...how many bad players now ?? wow...its like a fricken donk fest everytime i sit down.

Ok...the PSO...in all fairness alot of players dont take it very seriously...shoving all sorts early doors. Only this morning did my ace's get blown to bits by a KQ shove 4 or 5 hands in.

But my real problem is MTT's...ill give you my stats from day one on Pstar's...as follows:

NLhold em - ITM - 17%

Omaha PL - ITM - 20%

Thats the 2 main games i play and my average buy in is $8...iive played 2698 since i started on Stars with 472 cash's...thats 17% ITM...not bad

So my stats for 2013 are as follows;

NLhold em - played 42 and cashed in 1...yep...1 !

Omaha - played 11 and cashed in 1...yep...again..1 !

And Omaha H/L which ive recentley started playing - played 12 and cashed in 2.

So thats 65 tournys and just 4 cash's...6% ITM..!

As i said id rate myself as a decent player but looking at those stats im beginning to doubt myself.....il give you a few examples of what im up against

$4.50 - 180 man tourny...im doing well all the way to down to the last 45. im holding around 14,000 chips and in the top 10...a short stack shoves for around 3000 and i call with JJ...hes holding QQ...ok i lose a few chips but im still on for a cash. more hands are played and im down to about 6,500 with 31 left. 27 places paid. im on the BB and the guy on the SB is holding around 11,000 chips. Everyone folds and he raises 1 blind and im holding JQ suited...its about 800 to call so i take a look figuring hes ace high as hes been raising alot. Flop comes 2s Jh 6s...i know im in front and shove all in when he min bets....he instant calls with A8 off...its like 3,500/4000 k for him to call and he didnt even think about folding...anyway suprise surprise 2 spades on turn and river for his nut flush...its like what the fu@k.

Ive lost count the amount of times my AK has been quashed by players shoving AJ..A3..A6.

KK crused by A3..QQ blown to pieces by shit like K7, J5...people shoving a couple a ducks into my AA and rivering a bird....the list is endless. As i said id rate myself as a good player...i can spot bad players and i aim to take full advantage when i know they are shoving crap and im holding a descent hand but the fact that it;s them thats doing all the winning is really testing my patience....im gonna play through the micromillions and if this streak of donk fest poker doesnt result in some cashes im gonna pack the game in...at least on Pstars...i play poker to make money not for fun but it seems all the glory is going to the idiots and tards that are clueless about the game...people that see limping K5 off utg then calling a preflop raise 6 hands in when the whole table has folded and taking half my stack when im holding AA makes me think theres something seriously wrong with online poker

Im sure im not the first player to become frustated, i myself  have donked my fair share of hands but when its shit players taking my money and its happening all the time i think it's time to pack it in.

Anyways good luck at the tables and if it's you that happens to be you play a shit hand and takes my chips and money from be warned im not happy at the moment and i may well track you down and knock seven shades out of ya...