Today... Just one day only, and I have stumbled across a true gem. PSO had been taunting me..stareing me in the face for soo long. And until now, managed to escape the depths of my like my ancestors before me, my warrior Maori spirit (maui) refused to falter. I finally put aside an entire day strictly to tame the catch the phantom that the PSO had been to me for so long. Time was all I needed.

1) Take the, what are plain to see now, instructions to undertake the available/applicable lessons.  

2) Confirm theories, strategies, and general gameplay that to myself seemed like common sense.  

3) Instill those lessons and theories deep in my brain and instantly feel more confident in my poker ability.  

4)  Complete the corresponding Quiz. 

5) Kick myself for not going through the process properly before today.

At the end of the day, I believe that the PSO is an underrated, under appreciated, and completely under utilised treasure trove of poker wisdom. I will not hesitate to spread the word, to recruit if you and try to get as many avid poker fans to find what I found here today. A whole new game plan    Good luck, and see you at the tables