Yesterday was a good day.  Had a good run at the $3.50 hypers going up 15 buyins in 60 games.  Had a slight mistake to end the day i was looking at 7s to tag regs in them and accidentally ending up playing 6 7s but i took a first so not a huge loss but still a very frustrating end to the day.  Going to play another 60 games at least today hoping to make something good happen again today and possibly get myself within striking distance of my first shot at the 7s.  I figure if i get to 75 buyins for the 7s($525) ill take a 15 buyin shot and move back down if things do not go well.  however if they do ill prolly take out certain ammounts of profit so the roa to the 15s may be long but i will get there.

Current BR $425(need 30 buyins at 3.50s to move up)

GL at the tables everyone