It been a couple days again been working a lil more than normal and start my job at the casino today.  10 hour orientation today.  Been playing cap games at the 0.50/1 level lately and making a decent prfoit having won 356.15 over 10k games(3.43bb/100)  also made about 4k vpps doing this in like 5 days not really playing much at all and 16 tabling.  I might start to take the cap games more serious if i continue on this good streak and possibly consider making a run at supernova this year and SNE next year if all goes well.  If i were to make supernova to start the year i would have earned my first 4k bonus enabling me to play for SNE and i am thinking that for a third job would be good but we will see.

I'll let ya all know how it goes ofcourse.  on a side note i dont think i need to play anymore qualifer league games im still sitting in 5th after not playing for 2 days so i think im safe to wait it out now.

gl at the tables see you all tonite