so last night i took 5th in the $1r for $480.  was a great run.  I think i have decided im gonna go with the 3.50 fifty50s now to get to my goal of gold this month and if i run well and build my br from 600 to 800 quickly i may move up to the 7s.  before my win i posted in the forum about trying to grind the 1.50s to make silver by the 15 pushing myself to get the gold.

Also since i started playing the qualifer league I have a win and a second place in the last 3 days with a couple ft bubbles as well.  Last nights second place finish was a long and grueling heads up battle lasting almost an hour vs Feger0.  3 times i had him to 10 bbs but he battled back and took it from me.  He deserved the win the way we battled i was very agressive and he waited patiently and struck at the right moment great job man

thanks all for reading ill update ya tmrw with my plan to get to gold this month